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MYSQL query to select data from table dependent on parameters

I have the following MySQL query that I need some help with:
SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE col_name=4 AND col_name=5 AND col_name=6 AND col_name=7
SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE col_name=1 AND col_name=2 AND col_name=3 AND col_name=4

How can I make it so that I can pass in parameters to specify each of the 4 ‘col_name=x’ and get the set of results based on that parameter?
I’m trying to make an auto_increment like system.


You can build and in your application layer your own query and then execute it using mysqli.
Something like this:
$result = mysqli_query($query);

if (mysqli_num_rows

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C# Use Closure Compiler on.NET 4.0

I have existing code that runs on.NET 4.0 that uses the Closure Compiler JS templating library. I can compile the code fine and update it for.NET 4.0, but I get the message below that says that the compiler it ran as version 1.5.3
Warning: Using version 1.5.3 of the Closure Compiler. This will produce minification-compatible code that should run in recent versions of the JavaScript runtime without requiring transpilation. It may not work in older runtimes.

Error: Could not find one or more Closure Library files. If I replace the line “compiler.minifyJs(version=’1.5.3′,” in the app config file with version ‘1.6.0’, it works but that seems to defeat the purpose of using Closure Compiler at all. I’m sure there has to be a way to specify a different version of the Closure Library without getting error messages, but I’m not sure how.


You can target different versions of Closure Library (CLOS) – see

The compiler command line option looks like:
-compilation_level 0 // disable warnings, for your case
-js_output_file=… // specify a file to write the output code to
-js_output_file_all=… // output files to all compilations


mysql fulltext search – query to select all records that match a phrase

We are currently using mysql fulltext search to search for specific keywords within a record, however our system is also searching for all keywords within the search and provides a result, if the record contains either of the keywords.
SELECT * FROM `records` WHERE MATCH (`title`, `subtitle`, `story`) AGAINST (‘+

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