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The League of Mermaids is facing a deadly threat – the Ancient Ozic Empire. Ozic Spellstones have been appearing on the sea floor, and now the Ozic Empire is preparing for a final wave of attacks to destroy the League once and for all. Help the League of Mermaids on their quest to save their home and end the threat of the Ozic Empire!
– Play as the League of Mermaids: Zoë, Sarasyn, Lynn, Natalie, and Careen – and they will need all the help they can get!
– Amazing, lifelike physics: Battle the ocean waves, dodge the jellyfish, and solve puzzles as your team of League members navigate the sea.
– 60+ levels of gameplay: Clear Pearls to gain power-ups, unlock new abilities, and solve puzzles with the League of Mermaids.
– Earn achievements to unlock new content!
– Play the entire campaign on the easy, normal, and hard difficulty settings.
– 12+ Gems and Pearls: Defeat game bosses and find special “Zen Pearls” to gain victory in League of Mermaids.
– Bottomless Trench mode: Defeat the in-game bosses and play for endless fun!
– Beautiful, hand-drawn art: A princess-inspired art style and music create a magical experience for players of all ages.
– Automatic Game Center saves: Save game progress to Facebook, Game Center, or iCloud so you can play anywhere!
– Available on iPad and iPhone!




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Dec 5, 2015

Wonderful game.



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League of Mermaids is an entertaining game that’s enhanced by its use of innovative software and physics that both improve the game and add a new feel to an already enjoyable game.
The game combines games of “pearls” with that of physics and puzzle solving that makes League of Mermaids unique. It’s entertaining to watch a classic cartoon character move and interact with the sea around them in such a realistic way. The game does not only involve naval tactics, but those in the sky as well. The game’s puzzles, which involve both peaple and aquatic life, is also easy to grasp, even for those with disabilities. This game has


Wreckin’ Ball Adventure Features Key:

  • User Guide
  • Documentation
  • Source code
  • Release notes:

    As fast as possible

    Select actions on shortcut keys to trigger actions without using Enter key

    Display end game count in panels and on map

    Give players a proper experience of the game during conquest phase

    Display current clan leader

    Score are displayed while playing

    Game end is designed with 1v1 thinking in mind

    At this time, teams > 1 will be added soon

    Add custom map with player names and score while playing

    Create player ranking table

    Separate camps and battles during conquest

    Record previous rankings automatically while playing

    Clean off-map actions in record panel

    Can move to next match

    Ability to pause the game

    Enable to pause the game mid-game

    Point tracker

    Report player scored 7.42 points

    Highlight scores and wins on map

    Ability to replay recorded games

    Highlight player name, clan name, camp name

    Record player activity for achievements

    Compare previous scores

    Add achievement rewards

    Rewards can be shared

    Can fight on own map

    Allow players to set the battle rules

    Add ability to buy players for money


    Wreckin’ Ball Adventure Crack + PC/Windows 2022 [New]

    This game has its own story. it is a good game that’s why I recommend you to buy it
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    – You can focus on getting power
    from your chosen weapon
    – You can turn on your “auto attack”
    and “mark target”
    – You can save your progress at anytime
    – You can edit your character’name,gender,face,age,blood type,skin color,hair color
    and eye color
    – You can bring your own weapon
    – You can play your character online or offline
    -You can play single player or multiplayer
    -You can practice your skill in the practice room
    -You can do online leader battles
    You can select the difficulty you want to play on
    Practice room
    Practice room1
    Practice room2
    Practice room3
    Practice room4
    Practice room5
    Practice room6
    Practice room7
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