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The core of WaveSim Free Download is a simulation of the various waves that can be created on a surface. Whether you are interested in the behavior of water or waves on the beach, the way light behaves after passing through glass, or wave propagation on a floor, the simulation provides the tools to perform the experiment.

Material properties
WaveSim Crack supports many different types of materials, which can be used to model the real-world. Common materials are water, air, wood, concrete, paper and gypsum.
New materials can easily be added as well.

A special advantage of WaveSim Activation Code is the ability to model different refraction indices. Thereby, one can model glass, water, air and even tissue.

WaveSim Cracked Version Interface:
The simulation is controlled by an user friendly interface. Thereby, WaveSim is an easy to use and fast application. In a few seconds the simulation is performed and is ready to be used. You can show one or multiple simulation results, e.g. water waves, wavefronts, wave length or the spectrum. You can save the.wav files as well and send them via e-mail.

The simulation can be controlled by the mouse, the keyboard and a touch pad. The user can easily change the simulation settings such as the number of waves or the wind speed. Furthermore, you can draw borders, change the number of wavefronts, turn wave switches on and off, and change the type of wave such as a break or a straight wave.

WaveSim Features:
WaveSim has many different features like the control of water waves or particle beams on a surface. It also has a simulation for Microwaves and is able to model different materials. Therefore, you can simulate many different experimental setups.

The following features are supported by WaveSim:

Lazy water
Waves and particle beams
Dielectric effects
Different refraction indices
Water waves
Ray Optics
Different sources
Custom borders



1). Gritter, J. (2009). How to Unite the Physical and the Digital Worlds Through Applications Using
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2). Böhm, A., Scheibel, M., Sauber, J.M., & Wagner, S. (2009). [WaveSim – An implementation of the Frisch–Reich–

WaveSim With Full Keygen Free [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

WaveSim Activation Code is a simple and reliable application that allows
to model different wave phenomena.

You can buy a commercial license for this application.

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General Grids,


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Major intersections


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What’s New In WaveSim?

– Can simulate a flat surface and different types of physical objects (cuboids, cylinders, or spheres),
– Simulates wave propagation on a flat surface in two directions (x- and z-axes),
– Implements a number of different features, like
– inverse refraction,
– custom borders,
– heights,
– multiplicities of sources,
– multiple reflection and refraction (only in Simulated ronggler),
– scattering,
– custom slits.
WaveSim Technical Description:
– Developed for a number of different problems.
– Can be used both for solid body (only the surface) or solids with holes.
– Can be used for two and three dimensions
– It is based on Ipet-3D, which contains a pre-defined
surface mesh, which can be removed.
– It can be used to easily add any number of boundaries and be easily changed.

Creating a Simulation:
– Simulation can be easily created using WaveSim in the Editor mode, either using a surface or an object,
– It’s in stock directly with a click on the ‘new’ button.
– The ‘boundary selection’ can be changed by simply dragging the desired boundary to the desired location on the surface.
– If the simulation is used for an object, the boundary selection is taken from the inner object, not the outer one.
– The simulations are for two directions (x and z)
– The free surfaces can be divided into a few parts (cuboids) for the purpose of simulation.

The Physical Visualization:
– The physical visualization consists of ray tracing of the wave, which has different methods
for visualization, also the objects like cylinders, spheres can be easily arranged.
– There is also a tab for simulation of the Microwave, with a beamer, a polarizer,
at the borders of the objects.
– The ‘Print’ function can generate a PDF file to be used in the experiments of the 2nd year.
– There is also

System Requirements For WaveSim:

A computer with an internet connection and GOG.com account, 2GB of RAM and 1.5GB of free space for installing the game.
Cookie usage:
While playing the game there may be instances of cookie usage. This is done by GOG.com in order to keep track of the sales and to keep the license for the game active. No personal data is collected and therefore no risk is involved for the user.
Minimum specs:
Minimum specs are:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4

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