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SAP2000 V15 CRACK Product Key – Best dot driver which would be able to repair all the problems on your laptop or Computer .A first-of-its-kind college, school or university to train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals to protect critical national infrastructure will be announced next week by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, a public-private economic development partnership.

The Virginia Technology Council, a public policy, education and research organization, is the lead member of the team of private sector companies, universities, colleges, and public agencies that will collaborate in the launch of this new cybersecurity institute. That team is leading the efforts to propose, promote and build the institute, which will be housed in Northern Virginia.

“To continue our history of being the most educated state in the country and to continue to provide economic development opportunities for the Commonwealth, we plan to make Virginia a global leader in cyber training for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals,” said Bob McDonnell, Governor of Virginia.

Earlier this month, Gov. McDonnell announced his plan to recruit the Institute and State University (ISU) to be the first to establish the nation’s first cybersecurity-focused post-secondary institute. This proposal establishes a framework for the initiative, which includes a detailed proposal on the design, location, management and funding of the institute.

“From the start of Governor McDonnell’s administration, Virginia has been at the forefront of the global cybersecurity revolution with a number of high-profile successes including the Dec. 31 law enforcement raid that resulted in the arrest of 25 individuals,” said John Findlay, President of the Virginia Technology Council. “Virginia is one of a handful of states pursuing the establishment of a cybersecurity institute to train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. With over 100 cybersecurity and information assurance (IA) related degrees and certificates in Virginia, and more than 4,000 students currently pursuing an IA related degree, Virginia is well positioned to lead the way in establishing a program in this area. We are thrilled to be part of this exciting new initiative.”

Recent successes in cybersecurity include:

• Gov. McDonnell’s announcement of a $2 million grant to Northern Virginia Community College to start an IA training program, the first of its kind in Virginia;
• The Virginia Department of Information Technology (VITA) launching the state’s first cyber-awareness training initiative, with a $1.6 million grant to be coordinated by Virginia Tech Carilion;

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