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Roblox is an online platform where users can develop and play games, music, and other forms of digital content.
Roblox is an online platform where users can develop and play games, music, and other forms of digital content.
It offers a free version and a premium version.
Additional Information:
[Separate slides for each content type: Games, Music, and Movies].
[Slide 1: Introduction to the Game Studio].
[Slide 2: Video walkthrough showing how to develop a new game].
[Slide 3: Game Manager].
[Slide 4: Game Design Tools].
[Slide 5: BloxOptic to see a small part of your game with no limits].
[Slide 6: The Game Editor].
[Slide 7: Different game types and types of items in a game].
[Slide 8: User Interface, User Moderation, and Robux.]
[Slide 9: 3D Engine & 3D Objects.]
[Slide 10: Robux used as in-game currency.]
[Slide 11: Multiplayer Experience.]
[Slide 12: Plugins.]
[Slide 13: Tools.]
[Slide 14: Android and iOS apps].
[Slide 15: App Design Tools].
[Slide 16: Music Studio].
[Slide 17: Video walkthrough showing how to make your own music with your own instruments].
[Slide 18: Music Manager].
[Slide 19: In-game purchasing.]
[Slide 20: Performance Optimizations.]
[Slide 21: Credits].
[Slide 22: Developer Connection].
[Slide 23: AdChoices].
You can monetize Roblox very easily.
[Slide 24: Status, Metrics, and Reports].
[Slide 25: Affiliate Program].
[Slide 26: Mobile App Store.]
[Slide 27: Customer Support.]
[Slide 28: Developer Help Center.]
[Slide 29: Developer Community Forum.]
[Slide 30: Educational Resource Center.]
[Slide 31: Developer Portal.]
[Slide 32: FAQ.]
[Slide 33: Developer Blog.]
It’s a good platform for game makers.
[Slide 34: Developer Portal].
The way to submit your game to Roblox.
[Slide 35: New Features


Features Key:


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