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Ultimate Panic Flight is a game of great design, nice cartoon graphics, great music and addictive gameplay. Enjoy hours and hours of endless flying gameplay!
Eliminate the scores of your rivals and learn to master the planes in three game modes : academy, mission and endless flight.
Tune your planes to defeat the 79 challenges waiting you in 17 trips.
Compete in the eternal leaderboards, watch the dozens of fabulous flights during the infinite mode, gather the champions of the world in your team, collect virtual medals in 15 trophies and play your friends in 3 modes of competition: one vs one, teams or against them in marathon fashion mode.
Listen to the 21 splendid tracks composed by Vincent Friscia : a musician’s and designer’s great talent.
Recruit 17 pilots to master their characteristics and complete a range of quests to unlock their portraits.
Download Ultimate Panic Flight now and start the unique dream of flying adventure!
The game features some in-game purchases and advertising. You can skip advertising by disabling your device’s “Limit Ad Tracking” option.

В стрим-сериале «Атомный телевизор» художник Владимир Григоренко рассказывает, что в игре Ultimate Panic Flight были изложены предложения на кнопки будущего.
Ultimate Panic Flight


Features Key:

  • High precision flight models
  • Proper control response
  • HDI support
  • Auto-rotation
  • Toggles for aileron control
  • Helicopter support
  • MBR and PBR modes
  • Support for user defined Throttle
  • Settings for Pitch, Slipstream, MBR, PBR, Side Slip and Yaw controls
  • User Menu
  • Customized controls (c=thumbs, d=left pad, e=middle pad, n=right pad)
  • Gear settings, speedbrake and rudder pedal support
  • Realistic approach and landing during night flights
  • High dynamic airfoil models for high performance aircrafts
  • Noise suppression
  • Enhanced gliders
  • Advanced aircraft group and custom selection
  • Keyboard or e-flight
  • Fairly realistic Helicopter models
  • Supports scalable propeller models
  • An attractive and easy to use user interface
  • More aircrafts
  • More exciting events and background music
  • Better flight control and collision avoidance
  • More thorough aircraft models
  • About the development:

    AiFlight Simulator 2 uses OpenGL 2.0 and was built from the ground up from scratch using the C++ language. Both graphic and sounds layers are programmed using Lua.

    The Game gets updated mostly every six months during the summer season with new aircrafts, custom missions, events and terrain.

    Updates usually require time to test, compile and compile again. If you find any bugs or errors that are not listed in the feedback forum or issued by the developers team, please create a new post in the feedback section.

    Quick download links are available at the end of each post. You can easily download the game to your system using these links.


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    Lumo, the Disappearing Lady is a challenging isometric puzzle game that was originally released on the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 in 1984. You play as an amnesiac knight on a quest to get your memory back – all whilst solving puzzles and exploring a beautiful, strange and dangerous world.

    Your main character, Sir Gareth of Penda, will traverse a previously untraversed fantasy land. Each level is a single screen and follows the rules of isometric gaming, where all movement and action is done in a 2D side-view, with the player positioned at the bottom right of each level. Whilst traversing the world you will need to overcome obstacles, and find your way back to the edge of the world, so that you can get to the next puzzle.

    The game has a narrative story, which is told in two episodes, and is driven through a sequence of puzzles and locations. The story is set in an imaginary world, where fantastic creatures and monsters and sometimes even a person will come and aid you.

    The game has four unique game styles that can be accessed in the main menu. You can play a quick game, a tight game, a tricky game or a slow game. The game itself has a wide range of tricky puzzles, many of which play on isometric puzzles and will challenge your dexterity.Q:

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    How to Move
    Tag Team
    Favorite Team
    Storyline Missions
    Other Modes
    End of Season Mode
    Silver, Gold, Elite, Championship
    What is FMV?
    Default Music
    Adaptive Settings
    Sound Effects

    [GAMEDB] Game Profile: [FUDDERIVED OZ] The Fun Way to Farm!!

    Unlockallchamps [FUDDERIVED OZ]

    Name: [FUDDERIVED OZ] The Fun Way to Farm!!
    System: SGI Indy
    Game Type: Game/Demo
    Status: Completed
    Date Started: 02/26/2009
    Completion Date: 02/26/2009
    Version: undownload
    Date Completed: 10/05/2010
    Game Directory: T:\The Fun Way to Farm!!
    Level Directory: 1-10
    Date Added: 10/05/2010
    Title: The Fun Way to Farm!!
    Unlock: Allchamps
    Game Description:
    You are a farmer and your farm is not doing well. You have less crops, less cows, and no money. The good news is that a bank was robbed last night and the robbers took everything in the bank, including $10,000 in cash. The bank can not give you the money back, but they can give you seeds and 30 days to grow the crops. If you find a farmer and give him the seeds then the farmer will grow the crops for you. Once all crops are grown you are allowed to begin farming for real.
    The farmer grows the crops for a certain amount of time. Then, he has a farm evaluation which is when it becomes your turn to receive the seeds to grow the crops. Your farm score consists of the amount of money you earned through growing the crops and from selling the crops to other farmers. In order to improve your farm score, you will need to gain as many points as possible in order to get higher scores on your evaluation.
    Level Directory: 1-10
    Date Added: 10/05/2010


    What’s new:

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