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You can purchase Photoshop in both a stand-alone version and as a component of Adobe Creative Suite, as described in the preceding section. However, both versions work on the same computer and share the same library of tools and brushes.

SketchBook Pro

Icons can be a great way to add variety to a design. Why not bring that icon into Photoshop and transform it? The interface and tools of Photoshop can handle this, so SketchBook Pro might be the wrong application for the task. After all, what might you create? The former may be the equivalent of an abstract painting (hard to say in advance), while the latter is clearly a graphic element.

Photoshop and SketchBook Pro work very differently. Photoshop is for manipulating raster images, creating graphics, and other regular, regular tasks. SketchBook Pro, as its name implies, is designed for making designs using icons. If you try to turn icons into raster images, it will take you a lot of effort.

You can use sketching tools and shapes in Photoshop, but working with Photoshop is not the best way to approach SketchBook Pro.


Illustrator is the leading vector-based graphics program — you create shapes that are intended to be printed on something. Sometimes, you create images that you intend to use as icons. If you go the route of creating icons, Illustrator is the program you need. This program is sometimes referred to as a vector graphics program because it can’t do raster (pixelized) editing, but only vector editing.

Illustrator was originally sold as an illustrative program. Adobe thought the name was too dull for the masses and changed the name to Adobe Illustrator in 2004, keeping the original logo with the red arrow through the ‘I’. The computer and operating systems were updated as well, to match the logo change.

Illustrator is the preferred program for creating icons, logos, and other graphic elements because the program allows for multiple paths, making it easy to create more complex elements. You also can link elements to apply changes to other elements without taking them out of their boxes.

While Adobe Illustrator has too many features to list in this book, it’s a great program. You’ll find very good tutorials on the web.

Corel Draw

Corel’s suite of graphic software includes a wide variety of tools for drawing, editing, and printing. The suite is much more robust and feature-rich

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• Best for beginners

• Highly customizable

If you are new to graphic designing, have no idea how to edit, crop, or retouch images, Photoshop Elements is for you. It includes the perfect features for different tasks (such as photos, videos, web pages, movies, 3D, images for web, graphic design, and more) that might require different elements, depending on your needs.

It has many fun activities that help you learn. You can create animated videos, edit and crop photos, and create 3D models using the built-in tools. It also includes the best features for 3D, including 3D Layers, Snap to Grid, Scaling, and Presets. You can create templates, use smart objects, make animated GIFs, and enhance photos.

It contains a collection of action buttons for easier photo editing. And you can use the TouchUp filter to add effects. It has a variety of filters and editing tools to enhance the images.

You can use all the action buttons for easy photo editing.

• Powerful editing tools

• Photo editing (Adobe Photoshop Elements)

Among the features are the special selection tools, including the Spot Healing Brush, the Healing Brush, and the Zoom Tool. You can use the Adjustment Layers to enhance your photos.

You can cut out specific areas of the photos using Eraser and the Free Transform tools. Then you can correct lens distortion using the Lens Correction panel. You can automatically correct perspective distortion with the Photomerge Slideshow feature.

You can use the View Options to compare the layers of the image before and after a particular effect.

• Photo editing, graphic editing and web design.

It includes several color and image enhancement features. You can use the Adaptive Threshold. And you can improve fine details with Detail Extractor.

It includes basic web design tools like layout, sprites, and a web browser. It can convert text into vector shapes for the web.

• Great alternatives to Photoshop.

• Great alternatives to Photoshop

It offers a good alternative to Photoshop for beginner graphic designers. The program is great for photo editing, for making simple edits. It is easy to use.

• Great editing tools.

• Photo editing (Adobe Photoshop Elements)

It includes the Power of Photoshop Photoshop Elements’ advanced imaging

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