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Layers Area

The Layers area has a few different components to work with. It includes icons to display the number of layers in a file, as well as the name and type of the currently active layer. Below the layers count is a layer menu that you can use to scroll through all the layers in the file. The icon on the far left of the Layers area displays the type of layer; for example, in Figure 5-3 you see the Cross-hatch shape layer, while the icon to the right of the Layers area is the fill of that layer.

**Figure 5-3** Layers panel

To access layer information, you can use the panel options menu. The panel options menu includes the following choices:

* **Type:** Adds the name and type of the current layer.
* **Color:** Gives the hex color of the layer’s fill.

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Because you already have a computer with Photoshop Elements installed, you can begin to learn its features without spending any money. If you decide to go for the full version, you can purchase it at a discounted price in the Adobe website.

A warning before using this article: We are not responsible if you crash your computer, your camera, or your smartphone. If you do happen to crash something or suffer from a virus, we don’t want to be held responsible.

1. Opening and Closing Files

Right-click on the image of your choice to open it or select it from a file explorer, then press the Enter button.

Right-click on the image of your choice to open it or select it from a file explorer, then press the Enter button.

To close the file, click on the X in the top-right corner of the image.

2. Basic Edit Functions

Basic Edit Functions

2a. New document

After opening an image, you have the option of making a new document.

2b. Fill existing document

If you have an image in a document already, you can select that image from a file explorer and then click on the arrow to the left of the image, in order to select the file.

2c. Load a document

You can choose one of your own images or a new image from a file explorer.

2d. Zoom

You can zoom in or out on an image without changing its aspect ratio.

2e. Rotate an image

You can rotate an image in order to make it fit the desired orientation.

2f. Flip an image horizontally

You can flip an image horizontally to make it fit the desired orientation.

2g. Flip an image vertically

You can flip an image vertically to make it fit the desired orientation.

2h. Send as JPEG

You can choose a JPEG file from a file explorer or an image from the web.

2i. Save as

You can choose to save the image as a new JPEG file or as an existing JPEG file.

2j. Save as a TIFF

You can choose to save the image as a new TIFF file or as an existing TIFF file.

2k. Layer

You can open the Layers

Photoshop Windows 7.0 Free Download Crack


Included in the Shadows and Highlights panel, the Hard-Edges tool generates shadows and highlights on your image.
When you click the tool, the Hard-Edges window appears. You can then set various effects, such as settings for hard, soft, or gradual highlights or shadows.

Creating an Effect

You can use the Create an Effect tool to import an effects folder for the Save For Web & Devices presets. The folder contains predefined web-safe presets. However, you can make your own presets if you want.

Using the Styles Panel

This panel allows you to create custom preset styles. You can edit all settings, such as background color, and then save the preset.

This panel includes nine preset styles: Vignette, Sketch, Poster, Woodcut, Watercolor, Ink, Grainy, Snail-Trail, and Draw.

Crop Tool

When you have an image opened and set in both Vertical and Horizontal view, you can use the Crop tool to resize it.

An image that opens in one view may not be suitable for the other view. The Crop tool allows you to control the crop easily.

Using the Crop Tool

To crop a picture, open the Crop tool. Click an edge or a corner to select the area you want to keep. Drag to move the crop area.

Changing the Selection

You can use the selection tools to select new portions of your image, such as only parts of an object or a certain color of the image.

Using the Selection Tools

To select a new area of your image, hold down the Command (Ctrl) key on your keyboard.

To select an object or group of objects, press and hold the Alt (Option) key. After an object is selected, press the Shift or Command key to enlarge or decrease the selection area.

To change the selection area, first press the Ctrl (Command) key to select the current selection area.

When the object is no longer selected, press the Command (Ctrl) key to make the selection area larger or smaller again.

When you use this method to select an object, you can change the selected area around the object. Click and drag to select a new portion of your image.

To select a color, first click and drag in the foreground. When you see a color selection indicator, click

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System Requirements For Photoshop Windows 7.0 Free Download:

1. Any XBOX, XBOX360, or PC / Mac compatible game console (with internet capabilities)
2. 1 GB RAM
3. 700 MB hard drive space
4. 8X DVD drive
5. USB port or min. DVD-ROM drive (not included)
6. Video card with 2 GB RAM and DirectX 9.0c compatible
(PC Games or Windows 98 compatible game cards are not compatible)
Note: Program will automatically create the shortcut if it does not already exist

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