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What Is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a collection of software tools designed to transform raster image files from one form into another. It enables a single tool to manipulate multiple channels and layers of digital images in virtually limitless ways.

There are five main components of Photoshop—applying such transformations as moving, duplicating, removing, rotating, coloring, and cropping—and the software is described based on which feature it implements.

The five main Photoshop components are:

1. The Layers Panel

This pane shows you what has been added and modified inside of a layer or group. Organize your files using layers. Create layers for each of the images that make up your composite. You can move your layers by dragging them and reordering them.

Layers and layersites

The Layers Panel is where you make your layers and layersites. A layersite is a group of layers that act as one unit. Once you’ve created a layersite, there are ways to do things that you can’t do with individual layers (for example, move or duplicate layers). Instead, use the Group command to turn the selected layers into a new layersite.

2. The Channels Panel

Work in the Channels Panel when you want to change the color of any image. When you work in this area, you’ll see extra tools and features that are available only in the Channels Panel.

The Channels Panel has two different color channels: Red, Green, Blue, and Black. Each channel is accessed with a single click and each channel holds a color that the image may be in. Using the Curves, Levels, and Gradient tools will open different areas and create a 3D-like effect in which you can colorize an image or adjust the overall tone of an image.

3. The Adjustment Panel

Use the Adjustment Panel to change the color, brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other elements of a raster image.

4. The Pixel & Brush Tools

The Pixel & Brush Tools are the primary tools for creating and editing images. You can also do some minor color adjustments by painting with the Brush Tool and use the Refine Edge feature to clean up jagged and rough edges.

5. The Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand Tool is a tool for selectively selecting pixels in a raster image using an active cursor. The Magic Wand Tool allows for the selection of pixels based on

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If you want to know more about Photoshop Elements you can read this post : What is Elements?

The Tools in Photoshop elements are organized in two tabs :

Image : You can edit images, crop, add text, and more.

: You can edit images, crop, add text, and more. Filters : You can apply different photo filters to image, and you can also change the color palette.

If you are interested in a step by step tutorial of how to use these elements, follow this link, the explanation of all functions are pretty detailed : How to use Photoshop elements.

This tutorial is focusing on Photoshop Elements CS4 and how to filter, edit or colorize an image.

Another tab can be used to view, edit and batch resize your images : Edit > Image size.

To change the title of your image, navigate to Enhance > Adjust > Title.

This is a general tutorial of all features of Photoshop elements.

This tutorial is intended for beginners and it will show you the main tools to use to edit an image.

It doesn’t cover : using the customize palette (Tools > Customize > Palettes > Customize palette), the procedural tools (Brush, Smudge, etc), the video editing tools (Filter > Video filter) and the tools for working with layers (Image > Adjustments > Blur etc..) because they are mostly used by graphic designers rather than photographers.

You can also find more information here :

Filter > Colorize

Filter > Glow

Filter > Saturation

Filter > Grain

You can follow this tutorial to create the effect below :

Apply Filter > Adjust Color > Adjust Color > Set Color to White > Invert > Filter > Add Saturation (Step 1), Crop it (Step 2) and filter a different effect

You can read all the function of these tools in the list above to understand each step. I’ll just explain in details how to use the picture below as an example.

Introducing Photoshop Elements : Image window

To start any filter, crop or edit an image you will need to open the window : Image. Go to File > Open.

To open a specific image you can use the File Open dialog (Ctrl+O)

After loading the picture you will then be presented with a window with two tabs : Image and Adjustment.

At the top you

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