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There are two programs that are _totally_ different that work with layers: GIMP and Paint Shop Pro. Both programs offer a totally different user experience and editing capabilities than Photoshop, as well as different strengths and limitations. It’s best to try both so you can decide which program does what you need for you.

## Getting Acquainted with Layers

Adobe made its reputation on layers. Layer editing is a part of the image-editing process that enables you to handle a single image in several different ways to achieve various results.

You create and add layers on top of one another, manipulating individual pixels, text, or anything that you add. You add a layer in one place and delete it in another. You can move and transform layers, build complex images by working on multiple layers at once, and manipulate individual layers through masking.

The best way to get an overview of how layers work is to place a file into Photoshop and start working with a new document. To do this, choose File New Adobe Photoshop Document, as shown in Figure 1-1.

Illustrations in this book are created in Photoshop; however, any image editing program can work just as well. The menus and commands are similar in every image-editing program.

Photoshop includes two main types of layers: layer and group. Layer is the name used to designate the most basic layer in an image. A group, discussed next, is a set of layers that act as a unit. The layers and groups that you create and work with in your final image are added to the overall document or page as you work.

If you import an image from another program, be sure to choose the original file type in the New File dialog box, for example, TIFF.

## Figuring Out How Layers Work

Layers are probably the most important tool that you will use in the editing process, and although the first few times you use them may be confusing, you soon get the hang of working with them. Layers are used to create, modify, apply effects to, and arrange objects in an image. You can do all this and more without having to load, edit, and save all your work at once.

FIGURE 1-1: Choose File New Adobe Photoshop Document to start a new file.

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Can I add my own photos to a fill-in-the-blank text box or command in Photoshop Elements?

You can, but not easily.

Photoshop Elements’ main problem is that it does not have an easy way to copy the data of one file into another file.

There are several things you can do.

Automatically copy the data from one file into another. This is the most reliable way of making a one-time edit that will be applied to every photo.

Programmatically create a new image by adding data from one image to another. This is a bit trickier but is still possible. A program will need to parse each image, determine what data it contains and what type of data it is, then convert it to a format that can be stored elsewhere. This is a lot of work and it will not be accurate every time.

Create a “copy file” action. This is a very expensive way to make edits to many files, and Photoshop Elements has no built-in method for doing it. Creating this type of action is a job for programmers. You might be able to find online tutorials to teach you how to do this. But it is very advanced.

The easiest way to do this is to copy the image into the new file by simply selecting “paste.” Make sure you select the correct resolution. You will not be able to do this easily if the file is too large (more than 4 GB).

Here is how to do it:

Open your image in Photoshop Elements. Open the file in the open dialog box by clicking the file name in the file system browser. Click the Paste button in the Edit menu or press CTRL+V. Photoshop Elements will ask you if you want to make a new image. This step is only required if you are pasting a new photo into an existing image. Click OK to paste the image.

What is a b&W master copy?

A b&W master copy is an image in which all the colors in the photo have been turned down to a very low level. In black and white (or B&W) the colors in your photo will be darkened without any other changes.

How can I make a full copy of a file?

A copy of a file is what you use to make a backup. With a copy, you can safely make changes to the file without damaging the original.


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Also Read: ‘Game of Thrones’: Two Lead Role Renewals for Season 8

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This mod is being updated.
Several updates have been released to versions 1.11, 1.13, and 1.14.
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Version 1.11 Changelog
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Fixed a bug that caused the download of MCB_Mod_

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