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Nowadays Photoshop is also common for nonprofessional image editing. Many people use it to apply effects to their own photos or to share creative edits online.

Of course, Photoshop also has a free version available, but it really isn’t all that good. However, if you’re thinking of using Photoshop for creative editing, I still recommend spending the money on the Student version for a more streamlined and realistic experience.

Learning about Photoshop

Photoshop offers several tools for creating and altering your images. The basic ones include the following:

The mouse: Click and drag to move around the image and click to drag the image itself.

The keyboard: Press the letter keys on the keyboard to enter commands.

See Chapter 3 for details on using the tools and keyboard shortcuts.

Watching a tutorial

Photoshop tutorials provide step-by-step training in using the program. You can watch a tutorial at the Adobe website ( These videos take you step-by-step through the various features of the program. They show you how to use Photoshop’s tools to create or alter an image.

You can also see the videos on YouTube, too (

Be careful when watching a tutorial because sometimes the instructor will show you the entire process and perhaps not show you a part of the process. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully when watching a tutorial because they are key to getting the hang of Photoshop.

Practicing your skill

Although Photoshop is a robust and polished tool for using manipulations, the single most effective way to learn how to use Photoshop is to practice. To do this, I recommend that you keep a few test images on hand. You can use the images for practice on Photoshop’s features or even to practice your own versions of those features.

Chapter 2 contains tips on starting out to paint, draw, or create a photo montage. This section, however, focuses on Photoshop more specifically for creating and editing photos. So, for this section, let’s think about creating photos.

Chapter 3 has details on using the Photoshop tools that are most relevant to the creation and editing of photographs, and you can use this chapter to get your feet wet in using these tools to modify photos.

Chapter 4 gives some tips to help you when using Photoshop’s tools and features to create your own images, whether you

Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0.1) [32|64bit] [Updated-2022]

Upgrade from Elements to Photoshop has never been so easy. But it is important to know that the Photoshop elements are the perfect introduction to the Photoshop and before buying Photoshop you can move to the element version. Here we will show you how to upgrade from Elements to Photoshop.

Features of Photoshop Elements

Depending on the version of Photoshop you’re running, Elements has different versions of professional Photoshop elements.

We are going to focus on the latest version of Photoshop Elements 20. It has the same main features like Photoshop CC:

Pixel Art Gallery

Photo editor

Create Images





Red eye correction


Create a PDF

Smart Objects

Create an animated GIF


File management

Upgrading from Elements to Photoshop

In order to upgrade from Elements to Photoshop you must have:

• Have Photoshop Elements

• A valid account

• Ready to upgrade to the latest version of Photoshop.

Elements to Photoshop 20:

When you open the new element from Photoshop you will be welcomed by the same interface as the previous version. As a resident of the Photoshop, it would be difficult for you to know how it is different from Photoshop CS5.

The interface should be familiar as you have been using it for years. Even though the interface is familiar, some changes have been made in order to simplify its use.




Take note of these changes.

• Open Panels are now a group. The menu is different.

• Slideshow (PSE 20 only) and image viewer have been replaced by a pdf viewer and one image viewer.

• The file menu has changed.

• Elements has a different new way to access colors.

• Every options have been moved to a new menu.

• The icons has changed.

Save a Backup:

When you close the image you can always save a backup and open it again after upgrading.

Select the image you want to save and then select Save a Backup from the File menu.

Select Save a Backup on the bottom left corner of the window and then click Yes on the next window.

After selecting Yes, you will be asked for a name and the location to save the file.

Upgrade to Photoshop:

Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0.1)

It was a scandal that broke in March, when the star of the CBC’s hit reality TV series “Winnipeg’s Fiercest Couple” claimed she was forced to have sex with boyfriend Darren Douglas on the set.

But to the show’s host and producers, it was no big deal.

“We’re not going to have anybody here on set that isn’t here for fun,” Kimberly Hogan told the show’s 4.2 million viewers in early March.

She got her wish, as it turned out.

The CBC killed the show on Monday after the couple married in Las Vegas in May. But it was a mere formality.

Douglas had been telling anyone who asked that he had married Hogan — as she was and still is — in March.

So what was the big deal about the show’s cancellation?

An announcement Monday from CBC’s West Regional Network insisted it was “not indicative of any negative opinion of the show, the cast or staff.”

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

“Winnipeg’s Fiercest Couple” was a hit with viewers and critics who adored a couple who challenged convention.

But, as fans discovered, when they are told to challenge convention on the set, they may not be so sure how far they should take it.

“Winnipeg’s Fiercest Couple” was a light, cheesy satire of TV dating contests.

Its premise was that it would host a scooter race between a bar owner and a more surly bar-tender who would fight to steal business from each other.

A few of the contestants were on the make and some were looking for love.

The couples and contestants had co-ordinated their lives to live in the couple’s rather static house.

But it was in the name of good TV.

“A little weird,” the husband said on the set on March 2, “but we were just doing it to be funny.”

And they were funny.

But it wasn’t exactly the Super Bowl of television.

The show was on the edge of or just over the line.

There was the potential to have a genuine scandal on

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