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Photoshop Elements is a relatively expensive product but you can get a lifetime license for $99.99.

PS Elements is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Compatible file formats

The following formats are supported by Elements 11:





.tif (tiled)

.psd (layers, effects, composition, etc.)



.dng (raw)

You can also import and export the following formats:







.PXR (Raster)




What’s the difference between Photoshop and Elements?

There are two versions of Photoshop. One is a full featured professional version and the other is the Elements version.

The differences between the two are:

Bit depth :

The photo editing version has 16-bit color depth and the art work version has 8-bit.

: The photo editing version has 16-bit color depth and the art work version has 8-bit. Cloud storage and syncing :

The photo editing version has cloud storage and the ability to sync.

: The photo editing version has cloud storage and the ability to sync. The art work version has cloud storage but no ability to sync.

The art work version has no cloud storage and no ability to sync. Freehand sketching :

The art work version does not have freehand sketching.

: The art work version does not have freehand sketching. The photo editing version has a full-featured freehand drawing tool.

The photo editing version has a full-featured freehand drawing tool. You can resize and magnify images.

You can rotate images in Elements 11.

In Elements 11, you can create a new Photoshop file, open a Photoshop file or create a new Photoshop file from a graphics-editing file.

Elements has a version history window showing the improvements made over time.

Elements lacks the professional image-editing tools like the crop tool, crop, straighten, rotate, levels, contrast, curves and text tools found in Photoshop.

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23. **Create a New Camera Raw Image**

Create a new Camera Raw image and name it _Abstract 2.cdr_.

24. **Set Up the Color Settings**

There are many ways to establish the colors in a new image. You can choose to apply a preset color palette or you can let the file control the colors. You can set up Color Settings as described later in this chapter.

You can use a preset Color Settings or be as free with colors as you want. To change colors, you can move a slider with your mouse or click a color box. Moving a slider changes the color of the selected area while pressing and holding the mouse button changes the color of the surrounding pixels.

25. **Adjust Color Settings**

The monitor’s color settings affect the colors in a new image. For example, if you have a 576p monitor and you create an RGB image in Photoshop with a monitor setting of 65%, the resulting image will be much darker than if you made the same image on a monitor set at 100%. Figure 13-24 shows some different monitor settings.

**Figure 13-24 A monitor’s color settings affect the image created with those settings.**

If you don’t like the colors in a new image, you can apply your own Color Settings to make the image appear more like the source images in your camera. Choose Image⇒ Adjustments⇒ Color Settings to open the Color Settings dialog box, shown in Figure 13-25. Depending on how your monitor is set up, you may see the Color Settings box dimmed. If you see the box dimmed, turn off the Dim box by checking the box on the left.

**Figure 13-25 The Color Settings dialog box includes settings for the display monitor.**

The Color Settings box displays the name of the monitor you are using. Below that is a list of presets, as shown in Figure 13-25. If the Color Settings box doesn’t appear when you go to adjust the monitor color settings, turn on the Display menu (at the very top of the Photoshop window) and choose a Display option.

26. **Adjust the Preset**

Click an icon to the right of the preset name to change the color of the selected icon. If there are two icons below the preset name, press the up or down arrow key to change which icon appears. A colored overlay indicates which Color Setting you are currently using. You can

What’s New in the?

KIEV (Reuters) – Ukraine’s presidential election campaign stalled on Saturday as three anti-government candidates pulled out, indicating a shift in the vote towards a pro-Western challenger and increasing chances of a runoff on May 25.

Supporters of the two opposition leaders, veteran reformist Arseniy Yatsenyuk and former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, celebrate their choice of Yatsenyuk as their presidential candidate, during their party’s election campaign in Kyiv, Ukraine, April 14, 2014. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

The United States is pushing for the June 2014 vote to be resolved swiftly and the debate among pro-Western politicians to be concentrated on their policy differences as much as personality and the specter of war has taken the limelight.

If no single candidate wins more than 50 percent on May 25, an Oct. 26 runoff will be held between the two highest scorers. A third candidate, former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, has offered to withdraw if polls show Yatsenyuk as the clear front-runner.

But Yatsenyuk, an uncharismatic former prime minister and president, has repeatedly said he will not be a “clown” at the helm and staked his campaign on the perception that he and Tymoshenko, the archetypal Kremlin foe, have a united front.

By pulling out, the three candidates – Yatsenyuk, Tymoshenko and leader of the left-wing Radical Party Volodymyr Lytvyn – will help consolidate that impression.

If the three now join forces, they could feasibly combine to win at least half the vote on May 25.

As the top two candidates enter a televised debate on Sunday, they will contend that Yatsenyuk is the only candidate offering a realistic prospect of eventually seeking out a nuclear-tipped deal with Russia to end the war and repair the country’s crippled economy.

“This is a test for the West,” said Lytvyn’s 23-year-old campaign manager, Oleg Shepel, at a rally with party supporters. “There are many more political conflicts in Ukraine that cannot be resolved by political force.”

Ukraine has accused Moscow of backing separatist rebels and sending troops into its east, which borders Russia, as part of a military operation to prop up the Viktor Yanukovich government, which was ousted in February after

System Requirements For Photoshop 2020 (version 21):

* Intel Core i3 2100 – 3 GHz, 4 GB RAM
* Windows 7, Vista or XP
* Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Google Chrome (recommended)
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