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Pushbullet | Windows (

Pushbullet is the leading Notification service for iOS and Android that allows you to sync your notifications between your devices.

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Producer’s contact info:

Pushbullet for Windows Official Site by Pushbullet Inc

The official Windows version of Pushbullet provides push notifications and mirroring as well as syncs between your devices.
All of the features you’ve come to know about such as sending files, pictures and links, chat notifications, and sound notifications are now supported on your Windows device.
Pushbullet for Windows Apps Description:



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PB For Desktop

PB for Desktop Download With Full Crack is an unofficial Pushbullet client developed by someone out there who wanted to make push notifications easier.
Using it, you can experience the full functionality of the Pushbullet web app on your desktop.
– Available in Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows versions.
– Integrates with all available Pushbullet clients as well as the Pushbullet web app.
– All available Pushbullet functionality without using a web browser.
– Works seamlessly with all Windows and Mac OS X workstations.
– Allow you to access, work, and chat with your friends.
– Completely works with 2G, 3G, 4G and WIFI networks.
– Automatically integrate with the taskbar.
– Activate instant notifications.
– Fix all notifications with 3 clicks.
– Delete all notifications with one click.
– Choose to receive notifications only for certain apps.
– Customize notifications on an app-by-app basis.
– Chat with other Pushbullet users.
– Both Pushbullet for Android and Pushbullet for iPhone can use this tool.
– Detect and send files from selected applications.
– Captchas can be disabled by the user.
– Call remote users directly from within Pushbullet.
– You can stop receiving notifications whenever you want.
– Accidentally closing notification can be temporarily stopped.
– Easy to customize Pushbullet for Mac OS X and Windows.
– Real-time video calls, leaving the app to work while doing so.
– Get notified of incoming calls, viber messages, phone calls, push notifications from apps and other types of notifications.
– Easily share and send text messages, links, files and chat.
– Convert notification message to text and share with others by clicking the attachment icon.
– You can not stop receiving notifications from your applications.
– You can not send or receive push notifications from the application in use.
– You can not interact with a specific Pushbullet application (conversation not supported).
– You can disable notifications for specific apps (conversations not supported).
– You can disable the notification sound.
– You can choose what notification you want to receive from the app (toll/notification).
– You can choose the number of times you want to receive notifications (notifications) for each app.


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Pushbullet is a cross-platform iOS and Android app that’s designed to send files, links, and text messages between your devices.

The official Facebook Desktop App for Windows

Windows users have always had it tough when it comes to using Facebook and haven’t had a proper mobile application to use until now.
The release of the Windows version of Facebook is the culmination of many, many months of hard work, and it also comes with the Facebook SDK and other utilities.
New users may be interested in finding out more about the changes and improvements that have been made to the experience since the last version, and older users may find their favourite shortcuts and features implemented in a more efficient and streamlined manner.
To find out more about all of the features that are included in the new release, read on, and also make sure to check out the Facebook App for Windows official website.
App branding
Unlike the Web or the iOS and Android clients, the Windows App is a completely standalone application that lets you access your Facebook account, upload photos, comment on your friends’ posts, send messages, create events, and participate in apps.
When you launch the app, the branding that’s associated with Facebook – such as the official logo and the three official colours – is displayed on top of the page.
You can scroll down and find your friends, or start browsing the photos and posts that were shared by your friends, including comments and likes that have been generated.
The navigation bar at the top of the app is very similar to that of the web version and can easily be used to find all of the options and functions that are relevant to your Facebook experience.
The main menu has a few different types of shortcuts for the usual events that you’ll need to get to quickly, such as your profile, newsfeed, photos, messages, and friends.
There are also more advanced options, including the ability to jump directly to a specific event, photo or post, the option to load images automatically, and the ability to add them to a slideshow or a ‘cloud’ album.
The menu at the bottom of the screen also has more options, including the ability to switch between languages and photos, as well as the connection to any Facebook networks.
The most noticeable improvement since the last version of Facebook is the ability to upload photos directly from the application.
You can simply open the Photo library to upload your pictures, and you’ll see that they’re automatically organised into albums.
Photos that

What’s New in the PB For Desktop?

Pushbullet (PC) – Share files, texts, and browser links on all your devices.

Pushbullet is a webapp, a desktopapp, and a Windows Phone / Windows Store app for you to share files, messages and links faster than ever.
You can share links you open in your browser (Yahoo, Bing, Google) with the rest of your friends by SMS, email, or MMS.
You can share your favourite articles on the web with everyone by SMS, email or MMS.
You can share your keyboard shortcuts, app commands, and one-off notes with everyone by SMS, email, or MMS.
You can even share images and videos from your phone with other phone owners by SMS, email or MMS.
You can even view the messages, images, and videos sent and received by any of your contacts from your device directly on their phone without you having to send them a link!
Pushbullet is not a messaging app, it is a simple, free, and secure way to share files, messages and links.
Note: We recently added gif support so now you can share images using MMS or SMS. You can also view images you receive through SMS or MMS.
The Pushbullet webapp is available for Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
If you are running a Windows phone, you also have the Pushbullet Windows Phone app to help you stay in touch!

This is a browser extension for the purpose of enabling Pushbullet on the web. You can download this for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge on iOS, Android and Windows.
[AppVer2B] [AppVer3]

Pushbullet App

Pushbullet Web Apps

Cheers for 5 year of Pushbullet

Thanks to all of you for pushing the accessibility of Pushbullet far beyond what it ever was before! We’ve seen millions of people discover Pushbullet with our web apps. If you’re on iOS, Android or Windows, you can still enjoy Pushbullet’s magic by sending us your feedback!

What’s New

iOS 12 performance and stability improvements.
New theme to reflect Pushbullet’s new logo!
Clean up and UX improvements.

Version 1.8.1

Pushbullet for Android:
Show direct links in notifications.
Bug fixes.

iOS 12:

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Mac OSX 10.7 or later
1 GHz processor
DirectX version 11 (no other supported version)
HDD space: 700 MB for Steam program, 500 MB for game data
iPad, iPod touch or iPhone 2G or later
Why would you need this game?
Become a geologist and explore, collect and dig through the Earth’s crust. Mine, push, find, open,

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