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PC-Only. Basic server and client, using the latest version of AutoIt’s UDP Broadcast
* UDP Broadcast
* Port Monitoring
* Port Registering
* 2 Interface States
* Requires AutoIt 3.1.5+ and Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit).
* If you have no Echoer, you can test it here
Further Information
This is a simple server/client setup which uses the new UDP Broadcast feature to broadcast to all Echoers connected to the Network, which allows for very simple and no-coding echoer distribution.
The server periodically checks the existing TCP port and if that port is not in use by an Echoer program than the server creates a new port number, and checks the new port number for use.
The Server will detect when a new Echoer is connected by sending out UDP Broadcast messages at specific intervals.
This simple server/client setup is possible due to the UDP Broadcast features of AutoIt 3.1.5+ and Windows 7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit).
For more information on how this works see this video:
V1.2 Release History:
Version 1.2 is a beta version and will not be released as a full version until 3.1.5. The beta version of will have Port Channel detection code, One Click Cracked Accounts Support and other bug fixes. New Features:
• New Optimal is selected, All Objects now requires UDP Broadcast messages
* 1.2.0-Fixed-Fixed-c_test:
* Fix: Fixed an issue where 1-Click-enabled clients could be having issues
recognizing the new Echoer.
* Fix: Fixed a case where if you hit One Click and the port is not open
on the Echoer the server could be left with a Random Port.
If you find any issues, please report them to me at [email protected]
c_num is a label for the Echoer number. c_width is the label for the Echoer
width. c_sz is the size for the Echoer box in pixels. c_text is the text to
display inside the Echoer. c_color is the color of the

One Click Crack Full Version

What the hell is this thing? I just bought it thinking it would make my life easier.
So far, it’s just a button I had to hit, and it’s not very sensitive. Is there a ton to talk about and it’s great? Or am I out of my mind and should call it quits?

This is a basic server/client setup that uses the new AutoIt UDP Broadcast feature to broadcast to all Echoer programs all mouse movements, mouse clicks, and most key clicks.
When you run the server it checks if port 64400 is free, and if not with add one to the port number until a free port is found. To changes the port on the Echoer just run the program and press Ctrl+1.
Give One Click Torrent Download a try to fuly assess its capabilities!



Fully configurable UDP Broadcast Server [v.0.3]:

This version is the most robust server code yet!

Now it can be run as a background service that checks each second and will automatically manage its own port number in case it is behind a router that doesn’t allow it to open ports.

Also now you can configure the settings for it directly from the configuration file.

You can now configure your server to only broadcast packets to specific IP addresses. In the configuration file you define what IP(s) and Port(s) you want to send packets to.

You can now configure it to broadcast different types of packets (mouse movements, mouse clicks and key clicks) instead of the default mouse movements only.

There are no restrictions on the number of Echoer programs you can run at the same time as the server.

A new feature is also included now. It allows you to specify how many seconds it should wait between broadcast packets to the Echoer(s). If it is set to 0 it will send a maximum of one packet every second, but if it is set to 10 then it will send one packet every second for 10 seconds, but then wait another 10 seconds before it sends the next packet. This is a very useful feature if you have set it so your Echoer(s) takes a long time to send a new packet back to the server.

There are a lot of other new features! See the manual for details.

Fully configurable UDP Broadcast Server [v.0.2]:

This version is the

One Click [April-2022]

One Click enables your Echoer to receive remote user input on a predefined Windows or Linux application window. One Click will listen for mouse movements and clicks on that window. It will intercept all clicks and keystrokes and make them available to the Echoer via the network.
One Click is also a fully functional server, allowing other computers on your network to run it and make remote control possible from any of them. One Click can also be set to automatically start at computer startup.
Key features:
* Listens for all mouse clicks and keystrokes within a predefined application window
* Automatically responds to these clicks and keystrokes with data from the Echoer
* Supports customisation of colours used for events, window and custom messages
* All activities are logged to a simple text file on your server
* Can listen on multiple window definitions
* Can operate on multiple Windows and Linux programs at once.
* Supports any key on the keyboard including arrow keys
* Covers all mouse buttons including special keys like Ctrl/Win/Enter
* As an optional extra can set One Click to start at computer startup
* Can be controlled from any computer on the network
* One Click cannot send mouse clicks to the Echoer
* One Click needs a simple and easy to use echo server to act as a client to the Echoer.
* Download and extract the One Click setup installer file
* Double click the One Click setup.exe file
* Wait while One Click installs itself and runs its automatic installation
* When ready the One Click setup will start automatically
* One Click has now been installed
* Double click the One Click icon in the desktop, or start it manually from Start -> All Programs -> AutoIt -> One Click
* One Click can only run on a Windows computer at the moment
* Click the Start button to start One Click
* One Click will start automatically on the first run, but can be started manually at any time
* One Click can also be started manually by typing oneclick into the address field of any web browser
* Type the net address of the Echoer in the address field of any web browser
* One Click will automatically respond to the Echoer
* One Click can also be started manually by clicking any desktop shortcut
* One Click will start automatically when the Echoer has been set up correctly
* When One Click starts you will be asked to select a

What’s New In One Click?

1. The Server and Echoer will start downloading a config file from the server.
2. The server allows you to easily select whether or not to accept chat.
3. If you set it to no then the server will simply broadcast all mouse movements and key click events to the Echoers. This is a great way to see if the server is open, if you can even start one.
4. If you press CTRL + 1 the port to be used for the Echoer config file change.

NEW! One Click OS:

1. The server will have a “sleep” timer set for 10 min.
2. When the timer is up the server will automatically shutdown and all active Echoers will be automatically shutdown.

One Click Service Command Format:

[program | C:\temp\file.ini | Ready]

For example if you wanted to run a.ini config file then you would use the “program” command.
I have designed this program to be able to run on both 32bit and 64bit OS’s, and as such there is a version for each.
Regardless of the version you must use 32bit mode because of the way UDP works.
If you are using 64bit OS then it’s ok to use 64bit mode.

1. A bug has been found with some OS’s and Win7 systems that could cause the server to randomly crash when a chat session is in use. This usually happens when using key commands in chat. A fix is coming, and it should only be an issue for 7 users for a short amount of time.
2. The 1.0.0 is the “Great” version, the “Finest” version is 1.0.1.

This uses your current actions, if the new one didnt work then make sure you have the correct click package and it’s set to be enabled.

Give One Click a try.

Since I am always looking for help and feedback on the system you can email me at junkman23[at] Please include a link to this topic in your email, or else it wont be counted.

I will be looking for any feedback you have on this system.

Please try to follow this guide and report any issues you may encounter or have.

Also, if you have any ideas for the server that would be very appreciated.

System Requirements:

NOTE: The download size is 50.04MB. This may take a while to download, depending on your internet speed.
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