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With three modules that cover learning words, the correct pronunciation, and writing, LinDuo for Firefox promises to help people learn about 1,000 English words in less than 30 days. The extension is straightforward to use, and it is ideal for children who want to learn English.
LinDuo opens a new Firefox window when you tap on its icon, and it asks you to choose your native language. The app will show you the interface in the language that you have selected.
Learn English using the three modules inside the app
You will see three English learning modules in LinDuo. The extension will force you to start with the first learning mode that will teach you English words during several lessons, from easy to hard, just like in any educational game.
In this module, the extension will display words in your native language, and you will have to choose the right translation in English from the list on the right side of the screen.
Once you have completed this first module, you can move on to the next one, which will teach you how to pronounce English words correctly. This mode helps people learn the right English pronunciation from native speakers.
Last but not least, the third module in LinDuo focuses on writing in English.
LinDuo is an interesting extension for learning English, but it seems laggy
The app is excellent for children since it is designed similar to a game, with colorful images and more. While it does its job to teach people English words, along with how to read and write in English, it is sometimes annoying to use because it's a bit laggy.
When you select an answer, the extension has a delay, and the next screen shows up only after a few seconds. While that's not such a considerable disappointment, it might be irritating for some users. Besides this issue, the app is reliable and doesn't present bugs.







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Increase your vocabulary!
3 levels to choose from!
Learn new words in less than 30 days!
Learn English with thousands of words!
Learn English pronunciation and grammar!
Easy to use!
Use English and Romance Languages!
Good learning experience!
Learn English, learn from English!
Learn how to read and write in English!
Learn about thousands of new words!

LINDUO adds a versatile educational extension to your browser and ensures that both children and students continue their learning of the English language.

#1 Firefox Extension for Language Learning:
Entertain and learn English with the aid of the free LINDUO extension.
LINDUO sets out to help people learn new words, and is ideal for children who want to learn English.

Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing: LINDUO offers it all.
Discover thousands of English words and their meanings, including idioms and proverbs.
Take notes on over 1,000 words. Easy to use, LINDUO helps you learn English in no time.

LinDuo integrates with Firefox and replaces the default Firefox browser window.
Hear a native speaker pronounce the English words in the right order.
Learn English pronunciation and correctly pronounce English words.
Learn English pronunciation and correct pronunciation from native speakers.
Teach your kids English pronunciation.
Teach yourself and your kids English pronunciation.
Learn the basic English grammar.
Learn the grammar and pronunciation of English for better reading, writing and speaking skills.
This is a German-speaking educational app for Firefox.

#1 Free Online English Language Learning Program:
Enhance your vocabulary with the interactive free LINDUO English Dictionary!
Learn English vocabulary with millions of words and their definitions.
Use a wide range of word skills to learn fast and remember more.
Learn English grammar while you learn new words.
Find words according to their part of speech.
Learn English vocabulary on your Android device!
Use your Android device to learn and memorize English.
Learn English vocabulary on your Android device.
This language learning software is for German-speaking smartphone users.

#1 Free Language Learning Program:
Learn English with thousands of words and their meanings.
Get an overview of your vocabulary, and learn how to read and write.
Learn English pronunciations and correct pronunciations with the aid of native speakers.
Learn English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary from

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Learn English words using LinDuo for Firefox

LinDuo for Chrome Description:
Learning and spelling English words using LinDuo for Chrome

LinDuo for Chrome was created by, an English learning company. The extension works just the same way as the original one, offering people the ability to learn new words and read them in the right way.
Learning English words is not easy
Many people want to learn English, and the main difficulty they face is that the language has over a million words. However, experts say that if people learn a few words a day, they will learn to read and write fluently in only three months.
The program has been designed to help people learn how to read English easily, by making them pronounce the words the right way.
LinDuo for Chrome is a reliable learning app
The extension uses a flashcard method, which makes it efficient to memorize words, but it has some drawbacks.
You can learn English words only if you want to, the extension doesn’t force you to learn anything.
LinDuo only shows the interface in one language, and you can’t switch to other native language if you want to learn how to pronounce an English word properly.
LinDuo for Chrome is free, but you can only learn a limited number of words per day
While it’s free, the feature pack allows you to study 100 words a day. Once the day limit is over, you will have to pay again.
LinDuo for Chrome is a simple extension, and it doesn’t have bugs and glitches
The extension is simple to use, but if you want to change the language that it displays, you have to pay again. It can be annoying to use, but it has been tested by experts, and it has worked well.

Are you ready to learn how to read and write in English? If yes, then LinDuo for Firefox is the right tool for you. It will help you learn pronunciation, reading, and writing of English words. This extension will help you learn how to read and write English in less than 30 days.

Before learning English, it’s important to know the different ways of reading. So, the grammar and how to pronounce an English word is what you should learn before understanding how to read English correctly.

If you are learning how to read and write in English, it’s likely you need more practice. So here are some more advanced mistakes that

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It is one of the most reliable apps to help people learn English.

LinDuo for Chrome (Windows 10)
LinDuo for Chrome is a fun way to learn English. It has three modules to help you learn about 1,000 English words in just 30 days, and you can choose any of them to start learning today.
LinDuo for Chrome opens a new window when you tap on the extension icon. You can choose your native language and the module that you want to start with. When you choose the module, you will see a list of easy to hard words on the left side of the screen.
Each module will show you a list of English words and phrases to practice on, and it is in your native language to help you. It will ask you to choose the right English translation from the list on the right side of the screen. Once you complete a module, you can move on to the next one to learn more words and phrases in English.
The app is laggy and sometimes doesn’t load the next screen after your clicks. That might be an issue for some people and it is something that you will have to solve for yourself.
LinDuo for Chrome’s interface is somewhat annoying as some of the buttons are not responsive. Another issue is that you need to click on the screen many times in order to get to the next module.
The app can get laggy at times, but that is not such a big issue since you need to do something at home or on the go in order to learn English.
LinDuo for Chrome Description:
LinDuo is a fun way to learn English, and it comes with three modules that help people learn thousands of English words for English.

English Lesson – Diction Learnings Features:

Learn words according to the rules – Easy words, Hard words, Long words, Short words, and other words.

Learn words according to the rules – Easy words, Hard words, Long words, Short words, and other words.

Learn words by using compound words and other words that are difficult to pronounce.

Learning to understand and learn words: Use the keywords or the similarity of words to learn words.

Learning to understand and learn words: Use the keywords or the similarity of words to learn words.

Dictionary: Use the dictionary button to learn words that are not in the app.

Dictionary: Use the dictionary button to learn words that are not in the app

What’s New In?

Start learning English, together with your children!

No good teacher is complete without good learners. With LinDuo for Firefox, your children will not only learn English words but also learn about the basics of pronunciation and grammar.

Take your learning to the next level by using all the three learning modules within a single app.
No single app can help you achieve mastery of English language fast. This is especially true if you are teaching English to your kids. However, the option is available with LinDuo.
With this app, you don’t have to switch between many apps and go to different sites. You can learn quickly and effectively from the app.

Learn all you need to know to help children learn English!

LinDuo for Firefox is packed with a ton of useful features to help you learn English. Here is a list of them:

Prompts you to learn 2,000 English words in just 30 days

Rearranging your modules to learn English words in sequential order.

Discover a new article every day.

Let me enjoy the benefits of other language learning games.

LinDuo for Firefox runs best on Windows XP with the latest patch and Firefox 42.00.

(Offers in this story have expired or are no longer available.)

LinDuo for Firefox is currently available for download from Mozilla’s Add-ons site. The website lists how long a feature is available for from the moment it is released.
Download LinDuo for Firefox to learn English with your children.

(This review orginally ran in PC Magazine on 01-06-2014.)

Review Summary

User Review

LinDuo for Firefox

LinDuo for Firefox



by Morris, shugie on Feb 11, 2014


I have been with LinDuo for years.

Very good practice to use during the learning process.

LinDuo for Firefox


by,LDS on Jan 11, 2014

LinDuo for Firefox is a fantastic Firefox extension that creates an environment that simulates the “LinDuo for Firefox” website. The interface is clean, simple and intuitive. One feature that really sets LinDuo apart is the ability to collect and view your progress. By accepting an optional periodic subscription, you can collect lessons you have done and earn credits for

System Requirements For LinDuo For Firefox:

Windows XP (32-bit)
2.0 GHz or higher processor.
256 MB or higher.
Hard Disk Space:
100 MB or higher.
Video Card:
2MB or higher.
I would also recommend that you do not use any computer screen magnifying software, such as the “Windows Desktop Resizer” to enable you to enlarge the graphics displayed on screen as that will slow down performance. You may need to consider using the following magnifying software to improve performance. However,

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