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A step-by-step tutorial on using Photoshop can be found at `www.agrabat.com/photoshop.html`.

PhotoShop Elements

The current version of PhotoShop Elements is 11. It’s a wonderful all-purpose tool that enables the user to do almost all the same things as in Photoshop.

PhotoShop Elements enables you to use a standard image file or a digital camera. You can also use scanners or scanners from other software packages. Although you can use Photoshop Elements to edit scans that are scanned into the program, the resolution is a lot lower than that of the original scanned image.

Elements is smaller than Photoshop and has only the essentials. You can’t use many of Photoshop’s advanced editing tools and filters. Elements and Photoshop work together really well because of the similarities.

As with the other editors, I recommend using the tutorial on the Internet to help you get the hang of it. For more information on PhotoShop Elements, visit `www.adobe.com`.

Now, let’s look at some other software that gives you a quick and painless way to edit your images.


Picasaweb is a type of Internet site that allows you to upload, search, and share pictures online. It’s free and very useful for sharing your favorite pictures online, whether they’re your own creations or those that you take with your camera.

You can simply upload your image to a site such as Facebook, run it through a free image editor, and save the image or images to Picasa.

Picasa organizes your images in several ways:

People. This category allows you to search and locate images of people in the groups that you belong to. For example, if you belong to a photography group that shares images, such as Flickr, you can search for images of people in that group.

Places. This category gives you the option of searching and viewing places such as a ski resort, Grand Canyon, or Taj Mahal.

Tags. Tags, the last category, allow you to create tags that you can use to further categorize your images. For example, you can create tags for “family,” “nature,” or “travel.” This feature is more advanced than the others and not useful for beginners.

Picasa also has a web gallery that lets you upload and display your images and which uses your tags to do it.

One of the best things about

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If you’re serious about improving your skills in Photoshop, there are certain tools that you should be using, and not just learning by trial and error or reading step-by-step tutorials. Here are the most useful Photoshop tools you’ll be using on a daily basis.

1. Color Wheel

Right click anywhere on the canvas and select ‘Change Tool’ to open the Color Wheel panel. There are three basic options to pick from, and depending on what you want to achieve, it can help you find the right color efficiently.

• Colorize – adds a color tint to your image. For example, adding pink tones to your skin would turn you into a clown, while adding blue tones would add a navy look.

• Colorize – removes the color tint from your image. For example, removing pink from skin would turn it white.

• Auto Colorize – chooses a color palette from the color wheel and uses it in your image automatically.

If you are a photographer, you could use this to make colors more natural in your photos.

2. Transformation Tool

If you right-click anywhere on the canvas, you can use the transformation tool to rotate, scale, and skew your image. You can flip, stretch, distort and warp it to the edges of your window or to any new edge you want.

It can transform most things in Photoshop like your photo, vector objects, texts, and even shapes. It is like a virtual magic wand which can turn things on a whim.

3. History

The History panel is an old-fashioned feature that many of us probably don’t use all that often.

It shows you how the layers were made, and gives you an idea of how complex and how the object was created. You can go to the next and previous image and see the changes in each image step by step. It is really great for learning how to create layers and for seeing what is happening in each layer with every step you take.

4. Filter

Filter will add a new layer of visual elements over your image. They range from making it sharper to allowing you to add a filter glow.

If you are trying to edit a blurry image, such as a camera or phone photo, apply the ‘Gaussian Blur’ filter.

For a more creative look, try using a comic or cartoon filter for your

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Will this be the year for solar? Will the industry hit its stride? Will it start to gain traction? All pretty big questions in a fast-moving solar sector.

But when I talk to the top investors in the space they all seem to have some expectation that this is going to be a big year. I think there’s more optimism than we’ve seen previously.

I think investors are also starting to see some of the early signs of a turning point. 2014 has been a watershed year for the solar industry. Not only has it been a boost to the share prices of solar companies, but we’ve seen major deals flow. In 2013, America’s largest solar developer, SunEdison, floundered while its Chinese competitor, Tencent, grabbed the top spot.

If we look at 2014, we’ve seen the strongest year in solar to date. EIA figures show that the total US solar capacity grew by over a gigawatt in the first half of 2014. That’s equivalent to the entire output of natural gas in the United States in a single year. We’ve seen a flurry of investment in second- and third-order projects, investment at a far greater pace than in previous years, and in new markets including Europe and Japan.

I think investors have started to see the early signs of a turning point in solar.

The facts speak for themselves. I think investors are starting to realise that what SunEdison and Tencent started to build in 2013 is coming to fruition. Investors have been backing the early mover, and a reversal in that trend is a real possibility.

But let’s face it, this has been a tough business to understand. The industry has undergone what you might call a moonshot transformation. It hasn’t been easy for either the companies or the investors. We have had more solar companies going out of business than any other industry. For investors and the industry to be going through this stage, it’s exactly what I was expecting to see.

Over the last year, a number of significant events and trends have occurred, and some, like the decline in solar prices, have happened very quickly.

I think one of the more interesting things about solar is the decline of costs. It seems like we’ve been going through a lot of moonshots for solar companies. We had a solar company raising $1.1 billion last year

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2. Description of the Related Art
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Inspection processes are used at various steps during a semiconductor manufacturing process to detect defects on wafers to promote higher yield in the manufacturing process and thus higher profits. Inspection has always been an important part of fabricating semiconductor devices such as integrated circuits (ICs). However, as the dimensions of semiconductor devices decrease, inspection becomes even more important to the successful manufacture of acceptable semiconductor devices because smaller defects can cause the devices to fail. For instance, as the dimensions of semiconductor devices decrease, detection of defects of decreasing size has become necessary since even relatively small defects may cause undesirable aberrations in the semiconductor devices.
Another important part of fabricating semiconductor devices such as ICs is the testing of semiconductor devices at various stages of the manufacturing process, including after the wafers within the ICs have been separated into individual ICs. This is often accomplished by bringing each of the semiconductor devices into contact with a piece of equipment that examines the IC from the face of the wafer, or onto a probe card. The term “probe card” as used in this disclosure includes any card or other such device that can make a temporary electrical connection to a semiconductor wafer. One common type of probe card includes “fine needle probes” that can each make a temporary contact with a corresponding electrode on the wafer.

System Requirements:

Windows 8/8.1 64bit:
Windows 7/8 64bit:
Mac OSX 10.9+:
Broadband Internet connection (cable/satellite/3G/4G)
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16GB free disk space
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