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For your convenience, the Windows operating system is configured by default to install Windows updates on its own and prompt you to restart the PC, if needed. Keeping the system up-to-date is very important, as newly released patches and versions might include security-related fixes and patches. Moreover, you can enjoy the latest features of Windows as soon as they are released to the public.
Even knowing these benefits, you might sometimes feel like you don’t have enough control over your computer when it automatically installs updates and restarts to apply the changes. Pausing updates and deciding upon optional updates, active hours or preview builds can be done via the Windows Settings, but that might still not be enough for some. There is a solution for that and it goes by the name of InControl.
Simple and straightforward application 
The InControl application is a lightweight software utility designed to provide more control over the updating and upgrading process in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Aiming to keep things as simple as possible, this utility does not require installation and is up and running as soon as you double-click on the main executable file.
The one-window interface includes more text than options, explaining what the control status is and what this application does. The initial status is displayed in red, letting you know that the operating system upgrades are not under your control. In other words, at this point Windows is able to install updates or upgrade itself without your permission.
Targets a specific major version and release 
Taking control over Windows updates and upgrade endeavors is a matter of pressing a button. You will notice that the status automatically changes.  
InControl displays the current Windows version and release number in the two editable fields in the left side corner. Why are these important, you might ask. InControl takes over the updating and upgrading process by targeting a specific major version and release, exactly as they are specified in the editable fields.
To put it another way, when taking control please make sure that the major version and the feature release in the editable fields are the ones you want the system to preserve. No new release will be installed without your consent, apart from monthly security updates until you decide to release control.
Get in control of your Windows updates  
While simple and pretty lightweight, InControl is an application that can help you get better control over the system’s upgrade and update operations. Please keep in mind that the application will stick to the Windows release in the editable fields even if it goes out of support, letting you decide when to install newly released versions.  







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InControl is a lightweight utility designed for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. It will apply updates and upgrades to Windows, without asking you permission, and will be as simple as that.
InControl gets a major version and a release number from Windows, and uses them as targets to either install new updates or upgrade Windows. That’s it. You’ll get confirmation screens when needed, and will be able to make the system go further when needed.

NOTE: InControl is a user-friendly, easy-to-use software utility with a clean and minimalist design.
After you download the InControl application, double-click on the executable file.

When the application launches, it displays a simple window with three buttons: 
Update, Upgrade and Done.
Please note that Update and Upgrade buttons will be grayed out, if the target version and release are the one you’ve defined.
Update button will be available only when the target version is lower than the Windows currently running on your system.
If you choose to upgrade, Windows will be prompted to restart. The application will stay alive until the system restarts.
If you choose to Keep the current version, InControl will not change the Windows version and release in the editable fields. It will keep the current version and release in the editable fields.
You can also choose to exit the application without accepting the system restart.
Please note that InControl does not alter Microsoft Windows settings and preferences, and does not ask you any questions. InControl just controls when to install or upgrade Windows the most you do is double click on the InControl application and enjoy.
How to control Windows Updates:
The InControl application provides an easy way to control Windows updates and upgrades.
However, it isn’t as flexible as you might expect.
InControl can target only Windows major version and release numbers, and therefore it can’t provide exactly the same functionality as e.g. the Windows Update service.
So here is how to control Windows updates and upgrades using InControl:
Download and install InControl from the link below.
Download InControl for Windows from links below.
Once InControl is installed and running, run it by clicking on its icon.
InControl icon should be displayed in the Windows taskbar.
(If InControl is not listed,

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InControl 2022 Crack is a simple to use application that gives you total control on Windows upgrades and updates. Run it and make sure that you can keep your Windows environment up-to-date and secure. [1]

You can decide what version of Windows you want to target when you start it or when it is already running.
Since version 5.7, InControl is built and maintained by Chris Barnes.

Previous Versions of InControl by Chris Barnes



To do
Move InControl to the Programs folder (if you install InControl via the app file, it will remain in the app folder).
Register it with the Microsoft Windows Store.

Change the icon to reflect the current version of Windows, if that is your preference.
Change the name to reflect the current version of Windows, if that is your preference.

When you click to start the application, it will pop up, and will show the current version of Windows 10 and the current release of the operating system. You can see the changes in red, and if you want to stop the upgrade and updates, click Stop.

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InControl (Windows 8.1)
For additional information on InControl for Windows 8.1 please see the following links:
[Download InControl (Windows 8.1)](

What’s New in the InControl?

InControl is a small application that helps you control the Windows operating system and its upgrades. Using the application, you can decide when to upgrade to the latest major version and when to install new (optional) version releases on your PC. When you start the application, it will display the current Windows version and release number in the left side corner.

Control the Windows major version and release that you want to keep. When you select the Windows version you want to keep and press the “get in control” button, the system will not install an update automatically and will not restart your PC without your consent.

Releases can be suspended until the next month, if you press the “get in control” button. Windows updates will be installed on their own when they are available and the system will be restarted automatically. After the next month, the updates will resume. 
Please note that if you want to disable the Restart Settings feature, please do so in the Registry.

Still under development 
The application is currently in beta and a lot of improvements, optimizations and bug fixes are still in the making. First and foremost, you are welcome to report the bugs you find in the course of an installation, using the built-in dialog.

Even if you are not a beta tester, you may want to check it out. There is a registration process at

Please make sure to backup any important data on your PC.


Nate Akerman – Author & Project Lead of InControl

Addendum: The link below has a bit more information regarding the current state of InControl.

InControl Current status


You can get the same experience by installing the Windows Fall Creators Update. It isn’t available yet but it will be available for download in a couple of days.
This way you can have the latest features, such as DirectX 12 API. It will also let you enjoy Meltdown, Spectre and other security updates at the same time, to keep your PC in a safer condition.


This is not possible. You need to purchase the new OS update through an authorized Microsoft Store.
You must go to the “Restart Settings” page and opt-in to the new OS update.

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System Requirements:

-Required PC Settings
-Windows Operating System: Windows 10 x64/x86 (latest OS, service pack, and update installed)
-Processor: Intel Core i5 6600k @ 3.4Ghz
-RAM: 8 GB
-GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
-DirectX: Version 11
-Additional Notes:
-This version requires the latest patch from JK2 (patch 6.1) which comes with significant changes to the game engine, it should be considered a major update.

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