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When storing large amounts of data on perishable devices, there is always the danger of it being lost or damaged. For this reason, it is important to have ways of keeping your files safe, and to be able to restore them if they are compromised. A lightweight and intuitive application that can help you in this regard is CloudBacko Home.
Backup data to your computer or cloud storage
This program enables you to create multiple backup sets, consisting of collections of files that are saved to specific locations. You can backup your data to a single location or to a destination pool, allowing you to combine numerous cloud or local destinations.
CloudBacko Home allows you to save your information to multiple cloud storage locations. It supports Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Dropbox and many others.
It is also possible to password-protect your backed up data using various encryption algorithms (Twofish, DESede, AES) and methods (ECB, CBC).
Recover data and generate detailed reports
If your files are somehow compromised, you can easily restore them. CloudBacko Home enables you to choose which files should be recovered from each backup set and you can apply various filters to find the files you need.
The application can generate detailed reports for all operations, displaying the files that were updated, moved or deleted, as well as the amount of space your backup sets are currently using up.
Determine the retention policy and verify data integrity
CloudBacko Home enables you to perform checks in order to ensure that your files have not been damaged and can be restored if necessary.
You can clean up data depending on each backup set's retention policy. If a specified period of time has passed, the files in the set are deleted even if they no longer exist in the source location.
Overall, CloudBacko Home is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to protect your data by backing it up on various local or cloud storage destinations.







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CloudBacko Home Serial Key is a simple yet powerful backup application that can easily provide you with robust recovery options if the file backup is compromised.
With just a few clicks, you can back up your data to numerous cloud storage destinations. You can protect your data using various encryption and password methods.
If your files are somehow lost, CloudBacko Home enables you to choose what data you want to recover from a backup set.
The application can also generate detailed reports that include a list of updated, moved and deleted files. It supports 40 storage locations including Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Google Drive, DropBox and many others.
Furthermore, you can easily clean up your backup sets depending on their retention policies. The application can remove all those files that are no longer in the original source folders.
What’s New in v3.4.6:
– Improved the restoration of files from the backup set when the original source folder is no longer accessible.- Improved the compression algorithm.- Improved the overall performance of the application.- Added the ability to move the selected files into the “new folder.”
Thank You for all the reviews on our application, we have been receiving hundreds of reviews for each update. Please try it and see if it helps you to get your files back.


Google Photos – Photo & Video Downloader
– Google Photos is the newest free backup and storage app from Google, and it’s got a lot of great features.
– Snap a photo or pick one from the Library.- Rip part of the image to create a high-resolution copy of the photo you just captured.- Apply filters to edit your photos.- Save photos and videos to your computer, phone, or tablet as high-quality photos and videos.
Photo & Video Downloader Features:
– Export videos as movies or MP4 files with subtitles or without.- Snapshot to make an exact copy of any photo or video.- Rip videos into smaller files to use it later.- Share photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
More Features:
– Offline photo and video backup to the cloud: Your photos and videos are stored and backed up in the cloud.
– 10GB of free online storage for your photos and videos.
– Easy way to backup/restore your photos and videos: Drag and drop or copy files to and from your device to easily backup or restore them.
– Pick your favorite locations to backup your photos and videos: Now you can backup pictures in any location, even if

CloudBacko Home Crack +

CloudBacko Home is an intuitive and powerful application that allows you to conveniently backup, recover and maintain your files on the Cloud.

Simply Saving is a versatile, easy-to-use software which can easily backup and recover data. After you have successfully set up the program, you can use it to do a variety of things.
It is possible to create a full or incremental backup for a single or multiple volumes and to make them bootable. In addition, you can also use the software for generating CDs, DVDs or writable CDs and the ability to record data from your computer to any of the media formats (video or audio).
The application also offers an additional feature that allows you to create bootable discs for restoration purposes – simply save a file to the ISO image which you can then burn using any available tools.
In addition to the features mentioned above, the software includes a comprehensive search and rescue tool which lets you locate any file in the specified location and restores it from the list of results. You can also use it for searching for files regardless of their type and location on the storage volume.
Additionally, it is possible to use the application to burn files to CDs, DVDs and even writable CDs as well as for compressing and encrypting the files. With these options, the program enables you to perform the backup process efficiently and effectively.
Moreover, it also supports a backup engine that can replicate data (using replication) and mirror data on multiple volumes.
Simply Saving Description:
Simply Saving is a software which allows you to perform the backup and recovery tasks easily and efficiently.

T3 Secure Backup is an advanced file backup solution for use in Windows environments. Based on a patented process of incremental data transfer, T3 Secure Backup will back up only the files that are added, modified or deleted.
This results in a considerable reduction of the backup time and the required hard disk space.The ability to back up to multiple destinations at once is unique to T3 Secure Backup, and enables the user to save valuable time by not having to switch between applications just to back up and restore from multiple locations.
T3 Secure Backup provides you with a choice of how to keep your computer’s data accessible and secure. You can:
• Protect documents, folders and system files
• Create and keep documentation about the current state of your computer
• Allow you to access your data any time, any where on any device
• Secure Your Data:
T3 Secure Backup takes many measures to secure data

CloudBacko Home

CloudBacko Home is a lightweight and intuitive program designed to help you protect the files that you are storing on your computer or cloud accounts. The tool enables you to create multiple backup sets that include collections of files and folders that are saved to specific locations.
The application enables you to backup your data to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and several other cloud storage locations, or to local folders and drives.
The application can also generate detailed reports for all operations, including the files that have been modified, deleted or moved, and the amount of space that your backup sets are currently using up.
CloudBacko Home Features:
Compatible with all of the major cloud storage locations (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Dropbox and more).
You can use individual or simultaneous backup sets to protect data from multiple cloud destinations at once.
Backup and restore data to different storage locations to a specified period of time.
Protect your backed up data with one or more password-protected encryption methods.
Clean up backup sets on regular intervals according to your desired retention policy.
See all data modifications on your backup files and folders.
View detailed reports of all operations performed by CloudBacko Home.
View the amount of space that your backup sets use up.
CloudBacko Home Screenshots:
CloudBacko Home Full Version Key Features:
Add, delete and delete
Simple to use and easy to use for everyone
One-click back-up and restore
Protect backup sets with passwords
Option to save backup sets on external drives
Export backup sets to other cloud locations
CloudBacko Home Special Offers:
The Software Keys provided by the developer are active until new versions are released.
How to Install CloudBacko Home:
Important: Make a Full Version Backup before installing CloudBacko Home.
1. Install CloudBacko Home using the link below.
2. Proceed to the Preferences >Installation dialog and click ‘Next’ in the Start Up Wizard.
3. Select the location of your saved file and click on ‘Install’.
4. Agree to the license and click ‘Finish’.
5. A welcome screen will open which displays a summary of your information, including the software’s version, operating system and install location.
6. Click on the tab ‘More Info’ and follow the instructions to begin the application installation.
7. If you’re prompted to reboot, click

What’s New In?

CloudBacko Home Key Features:

Multi-platform: CloudBacko Home works on both Windows and Mac OS.

Recover data: You can easily restore files, even if they have been compromised, with just a couple of clicks.

Apply filters: Identify the files you want to restore, filter by date, size, file type, application or file type.

Hide: Use the Hide option to hide all selected files in a backup set.

Migration: Migrate your files from one location to another by converting all your data to a custom format in just a few clicks.

Secure: You can encrypt your backed up files with a variety of popular algorithms and methods using cloud or local destinations.

Backup Sets: Create as many backup sets as you want, and choose different locations and backup devices for each one.

Reduce Space: Once you have deleted certain files, you can determine whether they should be permanently deleted, based on the retention policy.

Compatibility: Work on Windows and Mac.

System Requirements:

CloudBacko Home’s minimum requirements are as follows:

Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

Windows 7 and higher

Minimum free disk space: 5 GB

Data management is an essential activity in business. If your servers are no longer accessible, you may face severe problems, and you need to be prepared for when this happens. There are many ways to make backups and store them in safe, hidden places, but there is no guarantee that they will work. If you don’t have the right tools in place, your data could be lost forever.
That is why you need to use Backup Bits App, a simple to use software solution that can help you to back up information and keep it safe at the same time. The most common way to store information is in cloud storage. If you use this method, it is essential to be able to access your files from any device.
Download Backup Bits App for Windows or Mac OS X for free and get this useful software right now.
This application provides the most common backup modes:
Saving copies of files you want to keep in cloud storage. You can choose among multiple cloud storage services and when these services will be used.
Selecting files and folders on your local machine and storing them in different folders.
On the other hand, the application also enables you to restore files, using a simple wizard. You have the option to select

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.9.5 or higher
Intel i3 or i5 1.6 GHz
70 GB of available storage
HD Graphics 3000 or AMD Radeon HD 5000 or higher
1 GB VRAM (see system requirements for additional details)
PlayStation®4 system with a PlayStation®Camera
PlayStation®VR system with a PlayStation®Camera
Minimum system requirements for PlayStation®VR include:
Minimum system requirements for PlayStation®VR

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