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Just open it and start working on one or more Cubes/Variations/Engines/Engine Settings as you please. When you feel ready to stop, simply press the Stop button and the timer will indicate your time. You can even turn on or off the “Ask +2” option if you wish to move faster to solve the specific variation of your choice.
The application has been developed with the following principles in mind:
-Simplicity: it should be a straightforward utility that anyone should be able to use on the fly.
-Adequate performance: all the data you are going to use in the time calculation must be up-to-date and not only that, but also accessible from the application’s GUI.
-Unobtrusive behavior: if it is not needed, it shouldn’t distract or harm your activity of solving a cube.
-Possibility of customization: while CanUseTimer is available in its basic form, it also provides a GUI that allows you to make changes to your settings at any time.
To use CanUseTimer, just launch the application. The timer will then start automatically and you can play one or more Cubes, Variations, Engines and even Engine Settings as you choose. At any time, you can stop the timer and display your time in seconds. If you wish to know your average time, simply press Stop and the average time will be shown.
-There is no timer when no Cube/Variation is selected.
-A secondary timer will start if you only select one Cube.
-The Start and Stop buttons are disabled when no Cube/Variation/Engines/Engine Settings are selected.
-When the Last Game option is selected, CanUseTimer will start counting time when you select one or more Cubes, Variations, Engines or Engine Settings.
-The Edit on the fly feature will be disabled.
-CanUseTimer displays the average time in seconds.
-Time will be counted up until you stop the timer.
-CanUseTimer displays the time in seconds until you stop the timer.
-Timer will start counting time when you select one or more Cubes/Variations/Engines.
-When selected you can stop the counter at any time by pressing the Stop button.
-It will display your time only if you are playing with one or more Cubes/Variations/Engine Settings

CanUseTimer Crack+ Serial Key Free Download PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

* Calculator to calculate time, number of digits and space
* View current clock value
* View digits corresponding to your currently playing variations
* View time you have been playing
* Start the timer (by pressing Spacebar)
* Stop the timer (by pressing Escape key)
* Go to the previous screen (by pressing Spacebar)
* End the timer (by pressing Escape key)
* Change the timer settings (by accessing Settings file)
* Enable/Disable Ask +2 option
* Save Settings file, so you can reload them and use same settings
You are likely to get better after a few runs, and on your next attempt, you will be able to run for less time and even perhaps improve the number of digits. If you get stuck and feel the application is not helping you, you may always refresh it by pressing the F5 key.
You may have earlier tried tools to solve your Rubik’s cubes like Clear Timer, which even has an accurate enough timer to truly help you solve faster. What makes CanUseTimer different is that unlike Clear Timer, it is lightweight and is a perfect addition to your speed-cubing toolbox. It is free from advertisement and hence, you should definitely check out its gameplay and access more information from their official website.
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The only thing you really need to know about that is that the solution is always at 3×3! The 2×2 ones have a solution of 1×1 and a solution of 7×7 respectively. It’s quite easy to realize, but it’s simpler to give you the matrix for 3×3:
1 | 3 | 2
1 | 3 | 2
1 | 3 | 2
3 | 4 | 1
3 | 4 | 1
3 | 4 | 1
4 | 7 | 6
4 | 7 | 6
4 | 7 | 6
7 | 6 | 5
7 | 6 | 5
7 | 6 | 5
There should be no real explanation needed for that.
But it’s a small note. So for the 3×2 and the 2×2 puzzles, the solution should be 1×1 and 7×7 respectively.

The Rules say that you have to solve it, so for the 3×3 version you can “correct” the solution by saying that the solution is (1,2,2). It’s easier if you multiply this number with 3

CanUseTimer Crack +

✔️ Shows your average time taken to solve each cube.
✔️ Lets you select the digits (0-9) that you are using in each solve.
✔️ Use the ask button to give yourself a +2 bonus time.
✔️ Includes the ability to view the current time taken for solving.
✔️ Shows your current average time.
✔️ Lowers your time taken to solve a cube.
✔️ Lets you know how many deals there are left.
✔️ Allows you to view the total time taken to solve.
✔️ Lowers your final average time.
✔️ Displays the total number of deals you have managed to solve.
✔️ Allows you to change the appearance of the timer.
✔️ Lets you start/stop your timer.
✔️ Displays current time taken in milliseconds.
✔️ Allows you to modify the time taken to solve.
✔️ Allows you to modify the time taken to solve +2.
✔️ Displays the current time taken to solve.
✔️ Allows you to view the options for the application.
✔️ Allows you to exit.
✔️ Lets you know the total number of solves you have attempted.
✔️ Lets you view the current average time taken.
✔️ Lets you know how many deals there are left.
✔️ Allows you to change the hour format.
✔️ Allows you to change the minute format.
✔️ Lets you change the seconds format.
✔️ Allows you to use the backspace button to reduce the time taken.
✔️ Allows you to force the application close.
✔️ Lets you change the volume.
✔️ Lets you view the running time.
✔️ Lets you view the source code.
✔️ Allows you to add notes.
✔️ Allows you to view the About window.
✔️ Allows you to change the main picture.
✔️ Allows you to view the read me file.
✔️ Lets you modify the application.
✔️ Lets you modify a key icon.
✔️ Lets you specify your email address.
✔️ Allows you to view the preferences.
✔️ Allows you to view the uninstaller.
✔️ Allows you to view the changelog.


What’s New in the CanUseTimer?

CanUseTimer is a lightweight, console utility that provides you with a non-distracting tool to time your speed when solving cubes.
Allows you to modify the timer settings
The application is portable and hence, you do not have to worry about installation or configuration. Simply launch and start the timer by keeping the Space bar pressed until the application indicates you to let go. For the time being, the application comes with a console-like interface, but this may change in the future. Despite the console look, do not fret as the commands are quite intuitive and simple, regardless of your experience with Command Line.
As you probably hinted, the application uses the default timer when launched as is, meaning you will start an average of 5 and exit the program after. However, if you are playing variations, then simply access the Settings and select the digits corresponding to your gameplay from here. From the same location, you can also enable and disable the Ask +2 option. On a side note, the variations digits can be modified directly from the app, but also by accessing the Settings file with any text editor.
A simple and straightforward speed-cubing timer
Regardless of whether you are solving cubes as a hobby and want to best your friends or perhaps you are preparing for a professional competition where you are likely to meet numerous skilled players, CanUseTimer enables you to check your current progress and perhaps, improve it.

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System Requirements For CanUseTimer:

CMD – On/Off
Browser – Internet Explorer 11
S/PDIF – Stereo Input
Music – All Genres (MOD/DLC Included)
Hardware – ALL AMD/INTEL Processors
Audio – Minimum Stereo Headphones (Dolby DSP/AAC)
VLC – Audio Video Link Control Ver. 2.0.7 or newer
Software – Windows 8.1/10 or older
Media – 1024x

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