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The text layer is the most important layer in Photoshop. If you cannot modify the text layer, you will not be able to edit or modify your images effectively. Without the text layer, you have no text. Similarly, the background layer is important. You cannot edit an image without a background.

The Other Files in Your Image

The term raw means that the image was not adjusted for anything, such as brightness, contrast, or color. Although the raw image might appear very basic, it actually includes quite a bit of information that, when considered with other aspects of the image, yields much more clarity. In addition, a raw file is a more accurate representation of the original subject than an image that has been processed through the editing features in Photoshop. The following tips can assist in your image-editing journey:

When you open an image, the original is in a separate file from the processed image. Therefore, all modifications made to the original file affect the original image, whereas any changes to the processed image affect only the processed image. Don’t be confused when you see the file extension on your image file, such as.psd. The.psd extension relates to the Photoshop software; it is used by the software to distinguish between a processed image file and an original image file.

If you open an image without opening the raw file, you may end up editing that raw file later. Therefore, it’s best to start with a raw file and do your edits in a separate file.

After you shoot a photograph, you should always process it through the Adobe Bridge or Photoshop software. If you don’t do so, when you move to another machine, the file will look different on the new computer. Therefore, this final step enables you to work on the image on different machines without having to take the time to re-edit it.

Always save your final edited image to a separate location. If you work on a laptop while you travel or move your images from one computer to another computer, you should save a copy of your image to the hard drive on the other machine. You never know when you might need that original image again, and you don’t want to have to do all the editing again.

Staying in Style

As you edit your photographs, sometimes the images you create can take on a “vanishing point” look. That is, the subject appears to be receding in the background, as if it were a mirage. To bring the image

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This list shows you which Photoshop options are available in the Elements version, the different things you can do with these features, and how to enable the features.

You can find a short video tutorial at the end of this article to show you all the different Photoshop options in Elements. If you’d prefer to look at the list of features, read on.

If you have a feature that you don’t see in the list, click the feature on the right to find out more about it.

Layer masking

This feature allows you to work on a number of image layers and paint on them, without affecting the others. To enable this feature in Photoshop Elements, go to Edit > Preferences > Image & Adjustments and set the option “Apply Layers Mask” to “Always”.

Aspect ratio settings and cropping

This feature allows you to crop your images so that they become either horizontally or vertically stretched. Cropping is a standard feature in photo editing and as well as changing the size of your images, you can add different effects that include straightening, foreshortening, and distorting.

You can find out more about this feature at Cropping images to stretch them horizontally.

Clone stamp

Clone stamps let you easily apply a logo, text or any other sort of graphic to multiple images. The clone stamp tool lets you modify your image while it is currently open by drawing or typing. You can also apply a background or overlay for the clone stamp.

You can find out more about this feature at “Clone Stamp” in Photoshop Elements.

Duplicate copies

This feature lets you have two identical copies of your selected image. It is great for taking a couple of snapshots or if you want to make a simple duplicate of your image and then modify it to add something new.

You can find out more about this feature at “Duplicate copies” in Photoshop Elements.

Smooth tool

This feature smooths the image and is great for removing the jagged edges from the edges of your photos.

You can find out more about this feature at “Smooth tool” in Photoshop Elements.

Create beautiful backgrounds with layer styles

This feature helps you create different effects on the different layers of your images. Layer styles gives you the ability to add text, create a border

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Get the property value based on value

I have a user control usercontrol1 which has a property usercontrol1.bool property1 value. I am showing this user control in some places and hiding it in others. I want that based on this property, I can show or hide various parts of the user control. For eg in code behind
//do something
//do something else

Please suggest what would be the best approach to use.


There’s a few ways to do this. A common one is to maintain a list of the different groups of controls and access that list:
myControl.DataContext = userControl1.Property1? “This is the first group”
: “This is the second group”;

Another way is to use a StyleSelector or DataTemplateSelector:

Then you can access the controls with DataContext, e.g.:

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