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The Web is full of tutorials for beginners, especially YouTube, so don’t be hesitant to search the subject.

Understanding the Photoshop file format

An.psd file is the extension of Adobe Photoshop, and it stores all your images. It’s a document type just like a Word document is, and it’s actually a ZIP archive (.zip), which makes it very easy to edit.

If you open a Photoshop document, it uses the Photoshop file extension to determine what type of file it is. In Windows, use the Open command to open your Photoshop document. In Mac OS X, use the File⇒Open command to open the document. You can see in the example here that the document is a Photoshop file. If you can’t see the extension, your computer may not be set to open these types of files. This issue is covered later in this chapter in the section, “Understanding the different extensions that Photoshop files use.”

When you open a Photoshop file, you see a few dialog boxes to help you prepare the document for you to work on. In addition to the optional image location shown in the following figure, you also see Photoshop’s extensive color panel. Because a.psd file is a ZIP archive, you can take a look at the other files that it uses.

If you look at the folder on your hard drive that contains the image files, you’ll notice that many of the files have an extension of.png,.jpeg, or.jpg. These files are saved in bitmap format. Basically, when you open a.psd file, you’re opening an archive file that contains a bitmap or raster image.

For best performance, the following tips may help you prepare for your Photoshop file:

Be sure that you’re using a default color setting. The file may look different if you’re using a color setting other than the default.

Choose the correct size for your image. You may notice that your file is large — much larger than the image on the screen and the size you want to print. You can scale it to a smaller size to be smaller and better fit the screen or print size, but sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want. This is because the image is stored in the.psd file. You can’t scale the image pixel-by-pixel.

Clear your image of any unwanted items such as text or gradients. You may want to Photoshop a background for your image and

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I have used it to create some of my logos. I liked the fact that it lets you edit at all parts of the logo, so you can move text, image, shapes around. That’s the best part!

Open source and free. It is your image, all of your rights are respected.

Download Photoshop-like software.

Create vector shapes and edit them.

Download freeware

Easy to use and excel at creating vectors.

Use shapefiles to edit them in CARTO, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

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Create your own vector from CARTO, Illustrator, Photoshop, or other 3D editor.

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Create your own vector shapes with über-easy tools.

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Create a 3D model out of a photo and tweak the design.

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Use an image as the starting point to create a 3D model.

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Spherical distortion is also a new feature.

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Polygon geometry to raster gis, how to get an alpha channel map?

I have a polygon geometry that I created in gis explorer and I am trying to export it as an alpha channel map to produce a raster output. I can get the raster output but I have no clue how to get the alpha channel data.
I tried to read up on the gdal_polygonize command but I just can’t understand how to do the calculation to create the alpha channel map.
Below is the print out from the cmd line I run from cmd. -vv -R “F” -a -b -s 5000 -o “/tmp/out.tif” /home/myfile.shp
Tiles generated (74 x 74, with 5 bands).
/tmp/out.tif 0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555
0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555
0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555
0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555
0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555
0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555
0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555
0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555
0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555 0 -555555 -555555

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F# list reversing

So I want to reverse a list. This is what I did in OOP:
let mutable list = [0]

for i in 0 to list.Length -1 do
list [s]) list)

There are many ways to do it. I go with this simple one for the sake of being short, but if you want to know how to get the value (there are many), you’ll have to write your own version of List.Reverse.


The correct implementation of List.Reverse in the F# library is:
let rec revList = function
[] -> []
hd::tl -> hd::revList tl

They will both return the same thing.


How to remove zeros in a integer array using std::array

I have a float array:
std::array inputs;

How do I remove the zeros in that array?
Afterwards, I plan to use it for another smaller array. This is the format the smaller array takes:
std::array, 200> outputs;

Thanks for any answer!


You can use std::fill to assign values after removing the zero values. Also it would be better to convert the array into a std::vector since you are going to need it for another thing:

float[] input = new float[100];

std::fill(input, input+100, 0);

// Now you can pass the vector around to whoever needs it
// instead of the array
std::vector> outputs = {
std::array({ { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

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